Purpose: to identify, plan and implement the best opportunity

This phase starts with deep-dive analysis of the short list of options with focus on how a plan can be achieved on-the-ground. All types of options may be pursued including entering into strategic partnerships; developing new supplier relationships; Joint Ventures; acquisitions; and entering new markets.

The preferred opportunity and pre-requisites are identified while others on the short list are kept as Plan B’s. The plan may require numerous steps over an extended period (e.g. entering into a strategic partnership now with view to a new market entry internationally in 2 years) and is kept ‘live’ by adapting to market changes whilst keeping the strategic vision fixed.

How do you get there?

Analysis & Execution includes:

  • 1Deep-dive analysis of short-listed options

  • 2Alternatives assessed for achievability and likelihood of success

  • 3Actionable Plan A and Plan B's selected

  • 4Detailed plan on execution drawn up, including negotiations strategy for approaches for 3rd parties

  • 5Full implementation

  • 6Continual review and updating of plan based on on-the-ground experience

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