Purpose: to develop a short list of potential options to improve a business’ competitive advantage over time

This phase leverages understanding of the market and business obtained in phase one to develop a large number of options under a variety of scenarios. Options are evaluated against likely/potential market changes using ‘what if’ scenarios (e.g. new technologies; aggressive competitor pricing; new market entrants; changing customer tastes; achievability etc). Strategies that provide maximum flexibility to a business and/or restrict competitors’ manoeuvrability at low cost are proven to be long-term winners, especially in volatile market places. Against this, achievability and risk is assessed and a short list of options provided as input into Stage 3.

Where do you want to be?

Strategic Vision includes:

  • 1Development of 'What if' scenarios with probabilities

  • 2What competitive positions are likely to succeed under various scenarios

  • 3What markets and market segments should be targeted

  • 4What shortcomings in competitive advantage need to be addressed

  • 5Ability of a business to adapt to unexpected changes

  • 6Risk assessment

  • 7Assessment of achievability

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Stage Three